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Empower your business with better logistics

Reliable and independent weight, quantity and quality inspections ensure the contractual compliance of your shipments.

Agricultural staff

Agriculture and Food Inspection and Testing

Set of different oils on wooden background

Edible Oils and Fats Inspection and Testing

petrol pump filling fuel nozzles at gas station

Petroleum Products Inspection and Testing

Metallic Pipelines At Power Station Against Sky

Fertilizers Inspection and Testing

Inspection in progress. Man in uniform works on the production. Industrial modern technology

Steel & Minerals Inspection

Risk of investment strategy concept. Swith knob positioned on ma

Risk Management

Deck Officer on deck of offshore vessel or ship

Ship Technical Management

Container vessel at port

Engineering Survey and Scientific Research

Marine Deck Officer or Chief mate on deck of vessel or ship

Inspection Services For Vessels and Vehicles

Super Cargo Services & In-Water Survey

In-Water Survey

Stock Traders Working In Office

Stock Monitoring (SMA)

fuel autogas pump gun connected with noozle adapter car tank to refill at car gas filling station.

PG (Liquified Petroleum Gas), LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) Inspection