QSS Global is an independent inspection company with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Our company is accredited in accordance with management system ISO 9001:2000 and is a member of international associations. QSS Global truly is a global company, with branches and representatives in Brazil, Georgia, Italy, Russia, Spain, Turkey, the UK and Ukraine.

Our CEO has built a career around providing survey services to the metal industry and also ship inspection services. He identified weaknesses in the surveying and inspection industry, which could be addressed by the application of IT solutions. The idea for QSS was born out of his desire to realize these solutions.

The company was set up with the vision of providing the highest quality of service to customers at a fair price, enabled by a robust and transparent information Platform. A surveyor’s quality of service depends on the strength of its team and the tools at its disposal. Our team is made up of highly qualified and experienced inspectors, who have access to regular training to ensure their work conforms with current standards. We provide them with necessary equipment that is certified in accordance to international standards.

Our CEO’s vision for providing high quality inspection and survey services was centered around the unique, integrated and digital approach. This is the future of any industry. We are sure that digitalization will be an integral part of inspection services in the future. We have invested in the development of the QSS Reporting Platform, a fully integrated survey reporting system. Through this Platform, our clients can securely track and view loading and unloading inspections of their cargo. We provide secure, remote access to the Client Area in the Platform, there is direct access to the inspection reports and  supporting information before and during inspections.