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IT Platform

IT Platform

QSS Portal


QSS GLOBAL S.A. has developed bespoke software for the recording of all services by our staff.  Information is uploaded directly during the course of our surveyors’ work to ensure that surveys are complete, accurate, and timely. 

  • Secure access to all reports through our ONLINE portal.
  • Access your personal area from any device, at any time, and from anywhere in the world.
  • Check on the state of your orders, cargo location, and goods’ condition.
  • View images and videos and receive all necessary information.

IT Platform

Client Dashboard

Our software was developed with our clients in mind.  Our aim is to provide information in a clear format, enabling fast access and therefore the ability to react to potential problems as they happen, without the delays of traditional systems. 

Through the Customer Dashboard the users can access:

  • Job status
  • Completed Survey Reports
  • Statistics
  • State of your orders
  • Cargo Location
  • Claims
  • Condition of Goods
  • Images and videos
  • Contact Surveyor 

IT Platform


Users can navigate through each job for detailed, relevant information to assist them in making the best commercial decisions for their businesses. Information can be viewed securely on our site or downloaded to their own system.

IT Platform

Detailed Information

Full records of surveys and inspections are maintained in a clear and logical format providing complete information for use by the clients in their own commercial operations.

IT Platform

Bespoke Reporting

Generate bespoke reports to your own specifications.  Simply select the required information reported by QSS GLOBAL S.A. during the course of a survey or inspection.