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Leading experts in inspection services and marine survey.

Enabling you to easily track your cargo and condition using state-of-the-art technology.

Who Are We?

We are a leading international inspection and marine survey company with headquarters in Geneva, with years of experience and knowledge, and a reputation for delivering excellent service.

We Think Ahead

Through introducing technological help, we have developed a revolutionary infrastructure that modernised the goods inspection, thus imposing a standard approach in the operations of inspection.

Contract Logistics

Our reporting platform enable customers to access their private section from everywhere in the world, and check the status of their orders and relevant data about goods being moved.

QSS Global - Expert in the Maritime and Agricultural sector.

Helping organisations achieve the desired heights in business development.

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About QSS Global

Logistics that is dedicated to your company

QSS Global is an independent inspection company with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Our company is accredited in accordance with management system ISO 9001:2000 and is a member of international associations. QSS Global truly is a global company, with branches and representatives in Brazil, Georgia, ItalySpain, Turkey, United Kingdom and Ukraine.

QSS Global uses technological innovations, optimizing our commercial and technical experience to provide the best service and value for our clients. Our services are competitively priced, without compromising on the quality of service.

Whether you are buying or selling, the inspection certificate or report provided by an independent QSS inspector upon completion of the shipment inspection assures you an honest, accurate assessment of your commodity and the vessel.

QSS Global Corporate Growth

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What We Offer

Empower your business with better logistics

Reliable and independent weight, quantity and quality inspections ensure the contractual compliance of your shipments.

Agricultural staff

Agriculture, Food Testing & Inspection

We offer assurance of safety and quality at every stage of the process.
Vessel crew preparing vessel for static tow tanker lifting

Crew Management & Chartering Services

Our combined experience and knowledge offers the best practices in shipping.
Container vessel at port

Engineering Survey & Scientific Research

Highly qualified staff of experts in all directions of the institute’s activity.
Metallic Pipelines At Power Station Against Sky

Oil Fertilise Testing & Inspection

Quality and quantity control supervision of loading and discharging.
Risk of investment strategy concept. Swith knob positioned on ma

Risk Management Service

Our risk management teams and laboratories operate worldwide.
Deck Officer on deck of offshore vessel or ship

Ship Technical Management

Competent technical support and ship maintenance provided by our company.
Inspection in progress. Man in uniform works on the production. Industrial modern technology

Steel & Minerals Inspection

Inspections, surveys, and specific controls on finished and unfinished steel products.
Stock Traders Working In Office

Stock Monitoring Inspection

Stock monitoring - Inspection of cargo stored on behalf of banks provided loans.
Insurance policy

Inspection Services Insurance Companies

Inspection services provided for the insurance companies in the case of cargo or vehicle damages.
Marine Deck Officer or Chief mate on deck of vessel or ship

Inspection Services for Vehicles

Documentation of condition of vessels, barges, tankers, flex tanks, trucks, carriages, containers and cisterns.
Super Cargo Services & In-Water Survey

Super Cargo Services & In-Water Survey

In-water survey includes inspection of hull, kingston, propeller, underwater welding; and troubleshooting.

Inspection Service & The QSS Platform

Competitive Advantages For The Business Sector

Detailed information for each job is provided under several tabs.

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