Crew Management & Chartering Services

Crew Management:

Since the summer of 2020, we have started to provide crewing services. We have combined our strengths, experience and knowledge to offer only the best practices in the shipping industry.

Now we have a full staff of highly qualified specialists ready to provide our clients with a full package of CREW Management services. Our company has a dedicated and loyal staff that includes experienced HR, Legal, Marketing, Finance and Payroll professionals as well as experienced Crew Coordinators and Marine Recruitment Consultants, Marine Engineers and Superintendents to ensure that every time provide you with an unrivaled standard of service.

Chartering Services:

  • We offer a wide range of ship and cargo brokerage services to a diverse international clientele of charterers, operators, ship-owners, shippers and recipients trading in the tramp market. Our shipping business deals with the transportation of grain, oils, seeds, fertilizers, steel, iron ore, coal, raw materials, sugar, etc.
  • Type of vessels we work with: handy size / smx / pmx / coasters / oil.
  • Routes of work: coastal hinterland, Southeast Asia and the Far East, US Gulf, Australia, West Africa, North Africa and the Middle East (Mena), Persian Gulf, Black and Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea and other areas.
  • Our chartering division works closely with ship-owners in chartering vessels for our clients’ cargo (both partial and full), checking and planning all technical, legal and commercial aspects. At the same time, we can help to minimize any risk associated with the transportation of goods of our clients by providing them with transport that fully meets international standards.
  • We can offer flexible methods such as TC / TCT / VC / BBC according to specific customer requirements and have established extensive, long-term and friendly partnerships with major ship-owners at home and abroad.
  • In addition, for ship-owners, charterers and / or ship operators, we also provide offshore surveys such as:

1) Inspection when renting, bunkering and condition

2) Damage check

3) Loss prevention check

4) Pre-purchase inspection (Ship and cargo)

5) Supercargo service